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the meanderings of a pretentious genius fool
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Date:2006-11-25 02:02

Hey! My livejournal account still exists. I remember when i used to post here. Since I've stopped I've lost most of my friends, lost my social life and live in misery! Not much changes in the end i suppose...

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Date:2006-02-17 12:08
Subject:Finding uses for my LJ, wanting to blog more. Don't Panic!

Dear reader,

I, (Paul Francesco Di Meglio) have the following statement to make. I plan on bringing my defunct Live Journal account out of its dormant state. I think I stopped posting regularly here because for the most part LJ encouraged me to write about my own personal troubles and thoughts a bit too much. The whole "personal online journal" seemed intriguing at first but after time lost all appeal to me. I did not feel compelled to write about my deep personal internal monologue. At the same time, going back and reading my past entries just sunk me into sadness (for the most part) and dwelling upon the past is never a healthy activity. Today, for example, if I were still writing in my old style, I would post something along the lines of: My girlfriend is mad at me and she won't explain why?

I find that to be wasting my time, pointless and at times degrading.

Enter version 2.0 of Paul's Live Journal.

Starting next week I will combine this with my blogger account. Everything I post will be cross posted between Live Journal and pdimeglio.blogspot.com. I will no longer write about my personal trite and instead focus on informing those who choose to read. I will write a combination of the following:

1. In the style of my "cell phones becoming a modern day pocket watch" article. Observations that are universally applicable. Things that I've noticed to get your brains turning. You can then use the comment section to agree or disagree as you see fit.

2. Best of the web. The internet has changed drastically over the last year and a half. The introduction of Web 2.0 services, a user now has a world of free, powerful and useful products at their fingertips. The problem is not enough people know what these sites. I will point you in the right direction and provide you with useful tips.

Essentially I will probably start with a mixture of these at first, then as time goes on, depending on how popular my blogger site becomes, I may either narrow my field of focus or change directions entirely.

I understand there are already a plethora of similar blogs out their, I'm going to do my best to make mine different, somehow. My plan is to eventually get into serious blogging, while at the same times, avoiding the shortfalls that come while existing in the bloggosphere.

To keep updates regular, I plan on writing at least 3 times a week. Every Tuesday and Thursday and once on the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

I hope that you'll all enjoy the changes. My primary goal is to entertain and inform. I hope I can succeed. Thanks for reading.

Paul Di Meglio

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Date:2006-02-06 22:04
Subject:More Award Winning Laughs for you to DOWNLOAD!

That's right boys and girls. Spiritlive has put up yet another episode of the award winning Owl Salad for you to download and put on your iPod or other-branded MP3 player. Here's the link!



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Date:2006-01-30 11:31
Subject:Download the best of Season 1 Owl Salad

The best of Season one is now available to download. Maybe our weakest season but still contains some classic material like Classical Composer Confrontation, the British in Space and of course The Brick!


that link should work! enjoy it!

By the way, listen tonight at 9:30pm for a brand new episode of Owl Salad. www.spiritlive.net

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Date:2005-12-24 13:21
Subject:The dark clouds from Mordor are getting worse Mr. Frodo. Shutup Sam you whore.

Well, I don't know what's going on exactly. But for some strange reason the world around me is falling. Well sorta anyway. This kind of points out how horrible of a person I am, but from where things were a month ago things are looking pretty lord of the rings-ish evil.

My family and I simply are not of the same mold. I don't know what happened but I am just very different from them. I don't mean this in a "i'm an angry teen who is mad at the world" kind of way. This is an honest observation I've made. I can't spend time with them and enjoy it anymore. I'm at the age where I'm supposed to be renewing friendship with parents, but instead things are simply getting worse. The only thing I can do is seek more independence and try to keep away from them as much as possible, which doesn't sound nice, but it avoids conflict. Otherwise things will just get worse.

On a more selfish note of sorts, Rogers cable is turning more evil everyday. We signed up to this service back in the "Shaw@Home" days. The dark ages of high speed cable internet. Since then we've seen Rogers take over the service and things slowly going down hill ever since. Most of you have never heard of this, but I am a big fan of Newsgroups. They are an older technology that kind of spawn the internet as we know it today. Kind of a message board system that worked through it's own protocol and such. Recently users of Newsgroups have found ways of sharing large files over this. It was the only way for me to get the music I like considering nobody in this country sells this stuff. In a cost cutting scheme Rogers has decided to no longer support Newsgroups. They are also limiting speed on Bit torrent transfers, which is the only way for me to get some of the Podcast i most enjoy. Rogers is going downhill. Turning into a big evil corporate company that doesn't care about it's users anymore. I'm going to suggest that my family switches to Bell, or maybe another local ISP.

And, last but not least, my MP3 player is starting to fall apart. The same problem that plagued many Creative MP3 players of the past is coming to haunt me. A faulty connection in the headphone jack causes the signal to get cut off. There is no way to fix this besides cracking the thing open (voiding the warranty) and gluing the thing on properly. I'm not sure if i'm ready to do this. Also, Creative, the company I was championed as the loyal good guy underdog to the evil big corporation iPod is also turning it's back on me. They are siding with Microsoft and are releasing upgrades to systems that make them useless for anything but copy protected wma files.

It seems like this is such a dark time of the year. I'm losing hope in humanity. On top of all this evil, Christmas is here and everyone knows how much I can't stand this holiday and EVERYTHING it stands for.

We need some sort of hero to save the world from this evil.

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Date:2005-12-17 15:55
Subject:Cell phones as step backwards?

We all love our cell phones. There is little doubt that once you get used to these plastic cancer givers we can't go back to life without them. I was once one of those who felt that I would never need one of these devices. It was my parents who felt it necessary that I carry one with me at all times so they could keep tabs of my location at any times. It is because of this that I've felt the need to refer to cell phones as "location devices". For example:

"Where's Adam?" Jordan might ask.

"I'll contact him on his location device to learn his current location" I might answer.

But enough hypothetical bla bla bla. On to the reason I'm posting this.

I realized this when i was reading the Public Space website. They post an article saying how they oppose the new monitors on subway platforms because they are just another excuse to put full motion television ads on the TTC. This is very true, however one of the arguments they used against these monitors struck me as being a poor one indeed. http://www.publicspace.ca/ttcclock.htm. This site states that compared to the old Metron displays (those old red lettered boards that scrolled hard to read TEXT advertisements) the clock used on the new screens is but a fraction of the size. This is also true. The older displays, however, NEVER had the correct time and were usually off by hours! (Still true if you check the ones that still exist). The new clocks are always spot on and every 2 or so minutes display the time FULL SCREEN.

But this isn't the reason I’m posting this either...

Another argument used on this site is most people use Cell Phones instead of wrist watches to tell the time, and cell phone signals don't work underground, therefore riders require these clocks to know how late they are for work. Well, firstly cell phones DO NOT need signal to display the time, and secondly, WHY IN THE NAME OF HANDLE ARE WE USING CELL PHONES AS CLOCKS??????????

Observe the following graphic i created to illustrate my point.

The cell phone is a step back in the world of personal wearable clocks. When the wrist watch was invented, it was a major advancement compared to the pocket watch. No longer would a time hungry person need to reach deep down into his or hers pockets to pull out a clock just to get a gander at the seconds and minutes. Now all they would have to do is glance down towards their easily exposed wrists (sexy eh?).

Now that we're using cell phones to tell the time, we're pretty much back to the old pocket watch. If you wish to know how late you are for aunt monkey's castration, you must now reach back into that deep deep pocket and retrieve your shiny plastic POCKET WATCH!

Save the wrist watch my friends! Don't be afraid to wear 'em proud! Less and less people are strapping on the time and are instead shoving up their pockets!

I wear my watch proudly everyday, and you should too! Look how sexy mine is:

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Date:2005-12-02 01:11
Subject:Sad Old Lady Flash


Go see my sad old lady flash animation. It's funny and British! I made it for school, but you can enjoy it as well.


If geocities is being a mean bastard and won't let you see it, then try viewing it again later.

If anyone has some free web site hosting i can use to house my baby please let me know.

Post comments on this crazy stuff!

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Date:2005-11-24 22:01
Subject:Maybe I should de-louse this place, maybe I should de-place this louse,

maybe i'll just maybe my life away...

Damn you Peter Hammill you son of a probably pretty intelligent man!

Anyway, here's the deal, nothing but rice. Three meals a day of just rice. Rice Krispies for breakfast, rice pudding for lunch (and no the pudding part of the rice pudding does not count as food, it's just goo) and steamed rice with soy sauce for dinner. That's the diet, and i'm not going to try it. Will you?

Another deal, here it is. If you want your lovely sexy wonderful voice to appear in my flash animation for digital media class all you have to do is follow these steps.

1. Record yourself saying "Don't do it queen!" using you favorite sound recording program.
2. Save it as either a .wav or .mp3 or .wma or .whateveraudioformatturnsyouon
3. Email it to my email address. (you know what it is...and if you don't, go eat some rice)
4. Ask for a copy of the final flash next wednesday after I submit it to my teacher for marking.
5. Try to listen for your voice in the sea of people yelling "don't do it queen!" when the queen is about to do something silly

It's just that easy! You'll be barely heard by my core group at school (a bunch of rowdy and gruff 18-19 something year olds with a thing for all things radio and tv...scary bunch)

Oh, and forget about that post i promised about public transit, too much work to write.

ONE MORE THING before you get bored of this post and stop reading ONE MORE THING!!!!

I need more people on my friends list on this live journal thing. I enjoy reading all your musing and want more and more and more. So if you know somebody who would be interested in reading me, and i would like to read them (maybe somebody i know that isn't on my friends list) HOOK ME UP! (word)

All for now...bye bye

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Date:2005-11-10 01:37

I MUST start doing a Podcast. I figure I can get away with a prog rock music show since the only one currently in existence doubles as a christian "turn to jesus for help" show. That really stinks.

If any of you are into Podcasting and think I can turn the Award Winning Owl Salad into a easily to distribute podcast let me know.

By the way, if you want to know, Owl Salad is back on spiritlive.net this school year. We've moved our time from 5pm to 7pm. This might make it easier for some of you. So LISTEN or melt or something.

Back to podcasting... i'm currently listening to 2 or 3 podcasts every week. I think they are great! This week in tech (for my inner geek) as well as a CBC radio science show are my favorites so far. Now that anyone can make radio shows that millions around the world can hear, will I still have a job in 4 years in the current program that I'm in? I guess I will, Satellite Radio will open a good load of jobs for the likes of me won't it? Eh? Eh?

Anyway, I don't really have much to say about podcasting at the moment. my next post will probably deal with Public Transit, which is a much more interesting topic I must say.

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Date:2005-11-08 18:35
Subject:dawn of light

Perhaps the reason I don't post on this thing anymore is because life is just very busy. Perhaps the reason I so tired all the time is because their is too much stress to deal with. Perhaps it would be easy to fill my first live journal post in a many moons time with complaining and blabber.

But nay!

I shall instead fill this here space with a bit of a inner political debate. You see, I've become so enamored with my left wing love fest I realized I've become a bit too closed minded for my own liking. (and i don't mind being a bit closed minded)

Today in my audio lecture (RTA is frekin' great by the way) we had an american guest speaker. The first thing he did was apologies for his country's behavior and insist that not all Americans are insane conservative war loving shit disturbers.

This was all fine and dandy. He then made dated jokes about americans moving to canada to avoid the madness that is bush. (or as he lovingly referred to him as "shrub"). He continued to spend the rest of the hour explaining how him and his crew were not allowed to send out a FM radio signal to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, informing them of emergency procedures and the like. "Fucking Conservatives" I thought, as I usually do.

Then he said something that really made me second guess myself. "I subscribe to many conservative publications. It's easy to sit on one side of the fence and just nay say everything the other side has to say. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from those you don't agree with".

God Dammit! He's right! I've become so liberal in my ways that I just brush off everything that the conservatives say as bull crap. I don't understand them at all. Is that a problem? I can't just assume that what I believe in is right. Can I? Is second guessing myself the first step to joining the dark side of the force?

I'm going to try and subscribe to Fox News and seriously understand those who i consider my political enemy.

And hey... with this impending election coming up, I might as well get used to the idea of a conservative government. Well, now i'm just rambling...

Nice to be back on LJ. Expect more from me over the next while.

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Date:2005-06-19 22:36
Subject:camping pictures

Went "camping" more like "tenting" this weekend with jen adam ariely ilke jordan amir and others.

Here are some pictures:
From Jen's LJ


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Date:2005-06-02 10:36
Subject:Paul's going to RYERSON!!!!

If you don't care, or if you hate me and only wish bad things
upon my head ignore the following excellent news.

Paul's going to be attending school at ryerson next year! That's right
ladies and gentlemen. Despite not getting accepted last year i stuck
to my guns, and after soooo much pain and torment i have finally
received my letter of admission! I'm going to Ryerson! YAY! I'm going
to be the Radio and Television student I've always wanted to be! My
life long goal is now complete!

As you can tell I'm quite happy and proud of myself! Fact is they
already rejected me at this year as well, but I didn't give up and
finally I'm where i want to be! No more crappy York for me! I'm going
to school downtown!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :)

Ok, sorry for making you read this, specially if you don't care. But I
have to get the news out! Tell everyone! Spread this amazing news!

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Date:2005-04-29 09:31
Subject:hey diddle diddle! cows and fiddles! party on down! the great montage of cheese! etc....

i think i've lost my witt.

no seriously, think about it. when was the last time you read something witty and clever written by me? it was the second last episode of owl salad probably, which was almost a month or more ago now! geez man! what's going on? My last two posts have been nothing but taking what other people wrote and just pasting them into here. is that what i've become? a copy and paste artist? what's happening to me? i'm becoming boring!!!! AND STUPID!!! Oh dear god, please make it not true! tell me it's all a dream and i'll wake up and find out my stupidity was just a dream. wouldn't that be simply smashing?

oh well, that's what i get for years of drug and alcohol abuse i presume...

on another topic, i couldn't agree more with that whole 'let somebody else do it' episode of the simpsons. i was sitting there getting my hair cut (oh yeah! my hair is grade 9 short now!!! pictures to follow on my next post) and i was thinking, "i'd hate to have to cut my own hair, or anybody elses hair for that matter, thankfully this crazy lady decided to make a career out of doing it or i'd be in a hell of trouble. what? you want money in exchange for cutting my hair? oh, well that is fair, considering how horrible an activity it seems to be".

and this bring me to this whole matter of now being above the 'legal drinking age'. it really disappoints, but it really seems like i could have gotten away with much more underage drinking then i thought. i've yet to have to show ID. up to this point people have just glanced at me and assumed i'm well over the age limit.
BUT I'VE LOOKED THE SAME SINCE GRADE FREKIN' 10!!!! are you telling me that i could have gone to bars when i was 15 years old and not have gotten away with it? what the hell!!! the one time i had to show ID was to get a arm band at the RTA awards, and they carded everyone for that, even grandpa george!

oy, anyway. there was another point i was going to make but i can't seem to remember it now. maybe that will be the subject of my next post. or something.
it feels nice to be back posting again on LJ, i hope none of you are disappointed to see my lengthy rants again, but hey, tough bananas if you are cause i plan on doing this more often.

bye for now yo

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Date:2005-04-27 10:21
Subject:What is Prog Rock?

Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2005-04-26 10:10
Subject:Why prog fans are superior to all other music fans.

The following is a joke! I repeat. A JOKE! If you are not a fan of progressive rock music (most of you are not) then you will not enjoy this joke and will probably be offended. Don't be! It's not worth your time! It's JUST A JOKE!

I found in a progressive rock web forum and it made me laugh. I had to post it.

Why prog fans are superior to all other music fansCollapse )

This does not really totally represent my views on why I enjoy Progressive rock more then any other form of music. That will probably be posted on another day. This is just a joke, that probably only Jen and I will enjoy. Well Jordo and Cooper would also enjoy it, but they don't read this. But you know...

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Date:2005-04-25 22:39
Subject:The Award Winning Owl Salad.

Alright, I have to do this because i hinted at it in my previous post and should really get around to clearing the whole thing up for y'all. Yes indeed, Owl Salad did win the TARA Award (Ryerson awards given to the best within the Radio and Television program) for best Spiritlive (ryerson's online radio station) show.

Not only was this a huge honor, beating out some of the so called "top audio students" at RTA, but considering that they rejected me from the program last year, is a great personal statement. Consider the following: Me, an outsider, somebody who is not "good enough" to their standards, is winning awards that is only supposed to be given to the top students in the program (meaning the elite of the elite as far as broadcasting education in canada goes) means that perhaps they should have thought twice about their selection process.

So as of now i just did receive the letter stating that i will have an interview to get into the program but I have yet to get the date and time of this interview. I am going to call them tomorrow and bug them about it the best I can. I will keep you all posted.

So thanks to all who have supported Owl Salad this year, it was a great project, and we should have all 2 seasons recorded and ready to give to y'all before the summer, so keep an eye out for it.

And to all those who congratulated me via the previous post, thank you all! It's a huge victory and it means so very much to me. :)

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Date:2005-04-24 23:57
Subject:i can see clearer now da dum dee dum something no more rain yadda yadda


alright, are all of y'all ready for the plausible return of paul posting on LJ? it's been over a month of niet and perhaps it's time to get back at it what with school being done and the (award winning) radio show done and such. I'm still going to be working full time at the same place for two more months, but you know, you know...

ok......alright, expect me to start writing in here soon!!!!!! with more very offensive and crude comments to shock you all! yaaaaay!

bye for now kids

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Date:2005-03-20 20:40
Subject:My Lp collection

I took a picture of my LP collection. Here it is as well as my entire collection listed sorted by band.

click at your own riskCollapse )

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Date:2005-03-20 19:49
Subject:it seems like we are getting lazy...but you know...it's more busy then lazy

Yes! That's right! You guessed it! This week yet another fun filled hour of classic Owl Salad!

Episode 6 and 7 from season one. Lots of laughs and funny funny all around! I'm not going to get into details, you'll just have to listen. Wanna know how?

www.spiritlive.net That's the website. Go there Monday @ 5pm and click on "listen live". Make sure you have Real Player installed caused they are too cheap to support a better streaming medium.

Hope you kids enjoy!

Oh, and I know I haven't posted in a while but I have a couple of topics I wish to post about, namely what it's like now that I'm drinking age, and I must write a lengthy piece in response to Jen's lengthy piece about me that she created last week.

Bye for now my infants!

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Date:2005-03-13 20:57
Subject:Classic Episodes of Owl Salad!

Greetings my infants.

Tune into the special hour-long edition of Owl Salad this week and hear two classic episodes from season 1. This is a great chance for those of you who just started listening to the show this year to see what kind of wacky comedy we were writing in the early days of Owl Salad.

Episode 3 features such classics as the epic battle of Bill the lawn mower vs. the sea weed, the documentary on a less then brilliant Irish coal miner and the romance of a pirate and a robot.

Episode 4, with such classic sketches as "Classical Composers- the reality show", "Peace Fly" and "Vern and Cadbury killing time" is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Tune in tomorrow from 5-6 for our first ever rerun episodes! Go to www.spiritlive.net and click on "listen live". You must have real player in order to listen.

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